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Welcome to my webpage! Here you’ll find information about my novel, The Orphan Game (William Morrow, 1999; Harper Perennial, 2000), a Los Angeles Times bestseller, about my short fiction, and about my novel-in-progress, The Sweet, Sad Songs of W. F. Pine. (Look for all of these under, yes, Fiction.)

Under Reviews, Profiles, and Articles, you’ll find a list of some of the books I’ve reviewed, as well as links to profiles of Alice Sebold, Natalie Angier, and the MacArthur-winning choreographer Elizabeth Streb.

Those who know my fiction may not know I have also written about science. So I’ve posted three pieces from Scientific American Cancer Smart and Scientific American Cancer Outlook (see Writing about Science). You might check out The Dollhouse Murders, a blend of fiction and forensic science, written with forensic expert Thomas P. Mauriello.

Thank you for visiting. If you have time, make your way to Talk to Me and say hello. Or e-mail me.